Listening to your subconscious when testing

Here’s a blog post I wrote about making use of mistakes made in testing -


Hey @chris_dabnor I’m intrigued reading the post, do you think there is ever a case where bias isn’t a bad thing?

Interesting. I think if you were the audience, or had previously been in the audience, then the bias would probably be useful. I think I was focused on where the customer is a separate entity to the business. For instance, our audience is the car retail industry (so manufacturers and retailers), and by extension their customers (which is why dog food isn’t something that is easy to do - buying a car is not a regular event). If we had a QA that had worked as a car retailer, then any bias they had wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

I’ve had a mix of experience with biases so it’s useful to know yours in more detail. My previous experience was no prior knowledge in Company 1 of what they did. Company 1 would have been the target market for Company 2 so I had been in the customers shoes. Company 3 was unrelated, I had no previous experience in the industry so I was that companies target market.

Michael Bolton suggested write a follow up article on how to deal with issues identified in it, and I think I may need to include useful bias in there.

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