Looking for demo web testing applications

Hello everyone!
I am working in startup company as the only QA engineer. Recently we’ve made a decision to hire another QA.

I am working on interview process preparation and would like to also add an extra step - asking a candidate to find bugs, create bug reports and write some test scenarios for a given part of demo application.

I am looking for demo websites that could be a good candidate for such process.

Will be very helpful if you could share any of those and also your personal experience/suggestions.

Thank you !


Hi @violettkachuk ,

Congrats on getting the go-ahead to hire another QA person! :trophy:

Is the following thread on your radar? Products and sites to practice testing on

Hope that helps.


hi Simon! Thanks a lot !


This is probably the most often asked for resource on the community @violettkachuk . Good to hear you are growing team, it’s incredibly hard to hire testers lately. A few of us were chatting about using these in general as an interview tactic recently. Whatever you use, do be sure to give candidate feedback promptly after, candidates are going like hot cakes, and good luck.

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Hello @violettkachuk here is a list of sites to practice different types of testing

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The thing I noticed about those practical tasks, within an interview, is that they are the best when kept short and concise - you want to see if that person thinks like a tester, not how good they are at memorizing formal descriptions. And maybe do it after talking to the person a while, informally, to get them to relax.


The really skilled candidates will blow you off in this game if you ask them to test a “random public website” as homework for an interview, so it has to be interactively done. If you detect that the candidate already did your test website in a interview the day before your session. Stu Crookson made a really good website for quick exploratory journeys by building a game that the tester has to actually play for example.


This is typically used to practice security testing, but could be a decent site to converse about: OWASP Juice Shop