Looking for info on Perfecto, Is anyone using it?

Hi All -

I’m looking for information on Perfecto cloud based solutions for mobile testing. Is anyone using it? Do you have pros/cons that you can post here?

Are there ones you are willing to tell me in private instead? (melthetester@gmail.com)

Thanks for any info! I hope this starts a good discussion about mobile testing tools like these as well.

Hello Melissa

I search as well for a good mobile automation tool.
Perfecto is not my cup of tea, i don’t like that you have restricted time with the mobile version. It can’t record my maps, and you need to install your app all over again.
For our Mobile app it is’t not suitable . In the moment i test on Ranorex and this is maybe a better option for us.
It is more the question if you can record all your function with it.
Good luck


Hi @melthetester

I hope the below link will explain everything that you want.