Make sure you check out the latest version of our test automation solution, useMango 5.3, released today!

Make sure you check out the latest version of our test automation solution, useMango 5.3, released today!

With useMango’s new easy to navigate UI and abundance of additional features, test automation is easier than its ever been!

Download your free trial here!](

Some of the amazing new updates include:

  1. New look Test Designer
    2.Test Flow Branching on tests
    3.Upgraded search capabilities
    4.Additional components

I haven’t heard of this tool before, is it for codeless automation and such?

I’ve updated this to the right location - sharing lounge and tools.

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Yea it is. Codeless test automation tool & framework
Here’s a promo vid from usemango:

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Hi @adeodumosu
The usual questions that nobody answers in their documentation (which is sadly completely missing from the homepage)

  1. What operating systems are for native testing of apps are supported, example Mac Mohave? Mac on arm? Linux - Centos 10 or a Raspberry Pi? And most importantly What is the ETA for Windows11 support? Let alone Server platform session testing support?
  2. Which web browsers are supported? Can it run headless?
  3. How do I use one test to test many versions of the product?
  4. What is the maximum number of tests I can have when I struggle with the above exercise?
  5. Can I archive versions of a test case to allow behaviour comparison if someone else changes a test without me knowing?
  6. Can I “compare” 2 versions of a test using tooling whenever the above exercise surprises us?
  7. Table driven testing : can I import data from CSV files to reduce the need to edit in a editor app getting clunky if I have multiple tables to deal with that cover more of my real customer journeys
  8. How does the tool support test suite fixtures such as installing apps or changing browser configurations?

Really keen to hear a more serious conversation of codeless tools and their correct use-cases. I used one long ago but found maintenance of suites, and scaling and how to be keeping things tidy was a thing we learned about too late. We just went and happily recorded almost a hundred tests and then struggled to keep them in a passing state later on when devs made minor changes. Basically I found the tool did not fit into Agile workflows, because of a number of the questions above had very hard answers. This was 3 years ago, so I’m hopeing here.