Masterclass: A Software Tester's Guide to Expertise

Tonight’s Masterclass was on Software Testing Expertise and how you can become an expert.

It was interesting to learn about the time and effort required to become an expert and the various opinions on this. How you must go beyond “automation” to become an expert and to push your boundaries.

Are you working towards becoming an expert? Are you picking a niche within testing? How are you working towards achieving this goal?

The Masterclass will be live on this area of The Dojo within the next few days.

If we didn’t get to your questions tonight or you’d like to continue the conversation, why not ask them here?

Vera is an expert expert.

Interesting to hear software testing isn’t a well defined domain. A few people have touched on thoughts similar to this, with discussions like “to master software testing is to become a jack of all trades”. It’s seems different to other technology professions for sure, and perhaps something more akin to police detectives, national intelligence, journalism or other investigative professions.

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Thanks for all the positive feedback! If you want to read more about expertise - this book I enjoyed most (it’s a collection of different articles)
The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance (2006) by Ericsson, Carness, Feltovich and Hoffman