Ministry of Testing Colouring Challenge

Currently in lockdown or isolation, or perhaps just love a bit of colouring :art:

We’ve uploaded our adult colouring book templates as well as the MoT logo template for you to get all creative! Got kids? Why not challenge them to create a masterpiece!

When done, upload your masterpiece below.

Happy colouring :slight_smile:

MoT Colouring Logo A5.pdf (22.3 KB)
MoT Adult Colouring Book - Part 2.pdf (3.3 MB)
MoT Adult Colouring Book - Part 1.pdf (3.1 MB)


I´ll be honest - my brain took “Adult” as NSFW xD

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Had some fun with the twins today (Boy and girl, both 8).

They made two, I made one. The idea to do this was theirs. And while I’m a good tester, I am not an artist.

The Automator

The Checklister

The Magician