Mobile Device management program?

Hi team, I have been managing or juggling physical mobile test devices for ages and have until now used Confluence to create a check in / check out policy and dashboard for the use or loan of devices to testers, dev and other departments. Also tracks OS, Models, Browsers, upgrades etc

What I want to ask if anyone knows of or uses a Fleet management program or tool that does this for you? Are there any good open source or paid tools available that can do all of this in one clean efficient space?
Thank you in advance for any information or help - any helpful advice / experience outside of tools also welcome.


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We had this same question on the MOT slack, so I’ll share my suggestions since I have no idea how to share slack links.
Jira : Create a project with a few custom fields, like a “device-type” where you can tag if it’s a tablet, phone or something else. Maybe a field to specify apple/android, although that’s not mandatory IMHO. When a device gets lost or retired, set the ticket to be “Done”. When someone “has” the device “assign” them to it. Add the phone number and IMEI into the description if that helps. Simple and scales well.