Monday mode video

@mirza I know you are the meme lord and that is why I want to see what you think about this ( not a meme, but goes in the same direction as message)

I want to make a section of such videos for my youtube channel and if you find any memes or quotes or videos ideas let me know.

I had a collection a while ago and did not put it online.

We all need a :slight_smile: from time to time.

Hope you enjoy

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The dude just casually goes on about his business like nothing happened - some people go into incognito mode when they break something in production! :laughing:

I think adding such a section to your channel, with bit of humour, is a nice touch! :smiley:

You probably seen the video above already, but maybe something along those lines is what you’re looking for?

Reminds me of the time I managed to authenticate to the amazon store test environment one day. I kept trying to pay for an item and it was not taking my card - turns out the test environments only take test cards. Phew!

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I was reading an article on WebdriverIO and the author says using UI tools to test APIs is like:

Ha He. Health and safety nightmare going on there!

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@mirza - I raise you this.

How Low No, No Code, Poor Code tools are presented

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Golden! This is golden.

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