MOT organisers - Working group

(craig) #1


would anyone be interested in forming a small working group to look how we drive this forward?

I’m thinking a google hangout for an hour where we can talk about.

What are the pain points we want to address this year.
What support would be good from each other
What support would be good from MOT
What are the next steps

The idea is we have a list of things we want to tackle and maybe a plan to do just that!

Would anyone be interested in this, if so could you leave your name below and the timezone you are in and ill look to arrange something.

(Bill) #2

I’m down for that… It might turn in to a support group though

Hi my name is Bill and on last’s weeks event only 3 people showed up… i ate all the pizza

I’m in Eastern Timezone (GMT-5)

(craig) #3

Yes but was it good pizza?

(Bill) #4

The best that I could buy with my limited sponsorship budget :smiley: