Moving from a spider to a starfish

(craig) #1

How do you build engagement and momentium within your community?

(Bill) #2

I think one of the most important things is being consistent with your event. Pick a day of the month (that doesn’t overlap with other meetups in your region) and stick with it. “We meet every second Tuesday” etc. That is when you’ll see your attendance increasing and a few familiar faces (people that are coming over and over on your events)

(craig) #3

yeah I try to do it on a Wednesday, partly for personal reasons (Daddy Taxi) and also to keep away from some larger meetups that happen locally. I also publish all the target dates for the year on the site.

What i meant was and im still reading this book, my goal is to remove me as much from the meetup as i can. I still want to be involved but i dont want one or two people driving it, i want the community to.

Has anyone had any success in doing this?
I’ve had partial but in the end its dropped to myself and Ali really due to work pressures from other organisers.