Note taking apps

As we are working at home more, and in the interests of keeping updated, what apps do people use for note taking?
Evernote? Notion?

I use Evernote but it’s a pain to navigate. The search facility falls over unless you use appropriate tags, but you end up using excess tags.

Notion looks good, the subscription version looks useful but before I go all in and migrate to any new tool, I’d be interested to find out what everyone uses…

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I find that I don’t settle on just the one.

When I was working with G-Suite, I would use Keep a lot which I could then turn to things like Docs etc.

But to be honest, I am happier with One Note at my desktop and then Keep on my phone.

I would be really interested to hear more about Notion.

Evernote was cool when I had a pro account, and acceptable with the free tier, although only having it on two devices was a pain


I’m totally in agreement @christovskia
I tend to use a few and not settle until i find one that works for my needs which i am get to find.
I used evernote but the limiting number of devices is a pain. That’s why i stopped using Dropbox.
Notion seems to be the app a lot of people use, but then their social media approach is aimed towards students so get them early.

I’m going to carry on searching…

A lot can depend too on whether you want to collaborate or not, things like Jupyter Notebook are really cool as well!

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Might take a look at that one!

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Cool, let me know what you think

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