Performance Tool Updates

Let’s start a thread about what new in the performance and load testing tool world…what’s the newest stuff you’ve heard about, using in your job or being asked to upgrade/update?

For instance, in my world there are new updates to JMeter (v3.1 + Plugins), Dynatrace v7 is coming and some other new updates to InfluxDB and Grafana that are quite exciting.

How about you?


Hi Mark
I’m pretty new to the performance testing game but I’ve had some good success finding bugs using Neoload. (within our application, our architecture and within Neoload itself too)

Without being very technical or know a lot about architecture, I learned a whole lot of new concepts by just toying around with the tool and talking about my experiences and plans to people that are technical.

I’m pretty happy with the learning process and the results help me daily.

What I’ve noticed is that the tool focusses on ‘scenarios’, where you simulate user paths.
Seems to me like that’d be a very one-sided way to look at performance and the usage of the tool?

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Wanted to share my exp with Jmeter 3.1 when it upgraded from Jmeter 2.13

While using Jmeter 3.1, had issues with file uploading scenarios.
Had the recording done on Jmeter 2.13, with Jmeter 2.13 scenario was working, but it was getting failed in Jmeter 3.1.

With few trials and googling found that the POST HTTP request implementation Type should be JAVA where as in older Jmeter 2.13 it was left blank.

Interested to know more of Open source Tools for performance Testing.

Now checking out - looks pretty cool:

I’ve been trying out the latest updates for analysing scheduler latency with Linux perf. We monitor Linux scheduler wakeup latency pretty closely at work and the new ‘timehist’ command in v4.10 is neat.