Planit (company) - any views on them?

(Alistair) #1

I’ve come across Planit, who have a Bootcamp programme for aspiring testers.

They’re based in Reading in the UK.

Any views / experience of this company?

Are they well-regarded?

(Heather) #2

Hey Alistair,

Have you seen the offerings from the Software Testing Clinic? Based on some of your other posts here they could perhaps be of interest to you.

Planit aren’t a company I came across while I was searching for my own training so I, unfortunately, can’t help you there.


(Alistair) #3

Thanks very much Heather, I’ll take a look at the STC stuff. It does look interesting.

My interest in Planit was based on whether they are a good employer as well, since they seem to offer jobs to people who do well in their bootcamp. I wasn’t sure whether this was a typical/recommended route into testing; maybe others here on the forum have experience of them.

(Kim) #4

Hi Alistair,

I have had a fair amount to do with Planit. Happy to chat with you about it.

Message or send me an email

Regards Kim

(Alistair) #5

Thank you Kim, I’ve emailed you.

(Kim) #6

No probs, have replied :smile: