Planit (company) - any views on them?

I’ve come across Planit, who have a Bootcamp programme for aspiring testers.

They’re based in Reading in the UK.

Any views / experience of this company?

Are they well-regarded?

Hey Alistair,

Have you seen the offerings from the Software Testing Clinic? Based on some of your other posts here they could perhaps be of interest to you.

Planit aren’t a company I came across while I was searching for my own training so I, unfortunately, can’t help you there.


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Thanks very much Heather, I’ll take a look at the STC stuff. It does look interesting.

My interest in Planit was based on whether they are a good employer as well, since they seem to offer jobs to people who do well in their bootcamp. I wasn’t sure whether this was a typical/recommended route into testing; maybe others here on the forum have experience of them.

Hi Alistair,

I have had a fair amount to do with Planit. Happy to chat with you about it.

Message or send me an email

Regards Kim


Thank you Kim, I’ve emailed you.

No probs, have replied :smile: