Planners for the new year

As 2020 ends, looking forward to a new year and planning is inevitably a part of it.
What tools do people use or recommend?
Paper or online form…


I use Todoist which is a to-do app, but it’s quite powerful in the sense that you can set up tasks on specific dates etc. I know there are others out there that probably do the same, but I love the interface. I have projects for both personal and professional use in there.

Anything I find that needs further planning is a good old spreadsheet or if I’m feeling fancy, I use a bullet journal.

I prefer tools I have full control over, rather than traditional planners where everything is laid out for me.


Ooo, I do like the sound of that… I use todoist as a list for shopping… Too basic… Need to up my game!

Do you have any useful links on how to use it to its full potential?

Their blogs are a good start! They have the option for a list or a kanban board. I just found they have a templates listing here

I have a premium subscription because I love it so much :smile:

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I like the idea of the kanban board. Thanks @froberts

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I have used Trello with success and pocket Kanban app. Over time I stopped using both of these and used my head, but feel the need to use something from Monday! Following this thread.


I have planned to learn Kubernetes in detail. It is vast, but nevertheless needs be learnt anyway as there is ubiquity of microservices-based apps.

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Some good suggestions. I tried trello but couldn’t get much out of it unless I used premium

I haven’t hear of Kubernetes before

So, after 3 months of using To do ist I can report back that it is very good and useful for my needs.
I believe a big factor is that I am used to the flow and GUI
Now I need to just keep it up and build on it… Planning does help a lot… Obvious I know, but it’s only after writing things down do I realise I say yes far too much!