Power Hour - Dive into Browser Developer Tools with Alan Richardson and Viv Richards

(AlanR) #67

I’m frantically scrolling up and down this forum in case I missed something!

Tick Tock only five minutes on the Clock.

(Viv) #68

Do you use any we haven’t listed Ady that you’d like to share :slight_smile:?

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(Puspa Niroula) #69

Since JavaScript behaves differently on different browsers;
Are there some particular areas that testers should focus or look for? -Thank you!

(AlanR) #70

I can see now that ‘watching’ this page would have removed the need for the Page Monitor - sometimes knowing tools and code means I miss obvious functionality at first glance… my excuse is that I wasn’t logged in to the forum when I was browsing the questions.

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(AlanR) #71

oh… and we’re out of time…

(Penny) #72

Ahh good to know. I hadn’t thought of following those accounts.

Thank you!

(AlanR) #73

:slight_smile: yes.

As a quick scan look for syntax errors in the console.

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(AlanR) #74

And, if possible, any unit tests used for JavaScript, if they are using an HTML framework to trigger the tests. If they can be run cross browser then that can help mitigate JavaScript issues.

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(AlanR) #75

One thing I try to . do, and I haven’t done this for javascript though. is run the code through a validator - e.g. Total Validator Pro will validate the HTML and CSS - and Charles proxy can do this too by sending the files to the W3C validators.

In theory, if there was a good linter, we could pass the JavaScript through that.

Anything that doesn’t validate, I view as a risk.

(Viv) #76

Thank you to everybody who took part in the #MotPowerHour this evening and left Alan and myself so many great questions :+1: , it’s been good fun.

(AlanR) #77

JavaScript is harder though because it is dynamic and the different engines change.

A lot of people rely on the ‘framework’ being compatible cross browser e.g. React, or Angular, and may not test cross browser as much because they think it has been mitigated.

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(AlanR) #78

Yup, thanks all. Many thanks for asking challenging questions.

(Puspa Niroula) #79

Thank you Alan and Viv! Lots of great questions and answers :pray:
Also, thank you MOT for this awesome PowerHour :slight_smile:

(Viv) #80

It’s been a pleasure, thanks for taking part. Without people like yourself getting involved and asking great questions it wouldn’t have been so much fun.

(Faith Roberts) #81

Thank you for your time and answering my question, I have taken lots of notes during this hour!

(Puspa Niroula) #82

I’ve already bookmarked it! :smile:

(Josh Vargas) #83

Thanks for answering all of the questions ! Can’t wait to put some of these into practice.

(Ady Stokes) #84

For Chrome
Funkify is a disability simulator with some great content and a subset that’s free with the full version £3.79 a month (I think)

Accessibility Developer Tools https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/accessibility-developer-t/fpkknkljclfencbdbgkenhalefipecmb

I’ve also tried a few of the page adapter tools like EasyRead and Stylebot which is a CSS manipulator as part of my WCAG2.1 testing. (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, https://w3c.github.io/wcag21/guidelines/)

(AlanR) #85

Thanks for sharing, I haven’t tried any of those yet :slight_smile:

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(Lada) #86

Me too, it’s very useful and extensive. Hard to catch up with everything at once, but good that we have lifetime access to be able to revisit the course again.