Power Hour - Software Testing Automation

Thanks Angie. You’re a legend. Strangely, I read your response back and I heard your voice.


Just found this link and thought of you:

Thanks Angie! I have definitely been checking that out and you taught me the term ‘boilerplate code’ so thanks for that too;-) Nice to hear the confirmation from you that his breakdown or a similar concept makes sense.

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Just stumbled across another article by Greg which talks about an open source model-based test generator!

Thanks for the brilliant answer Angie. I did mean to add a question about codeless test automation tools, but forgot to add it in time, so really glad you mentioned this as well.

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Thanks a bunch my Techie Hero Angie!:pray::pray::ok_hand::ok_hand:

You are the best!

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Hi Angie,

I just watched your talk and it is great! I felt like being “Jake” :upside_down_face:. It gives a lot of insights on removing code smells and really matches my current situation. Still I have a lot to learn…

Besides I liked your talk it has a sense of humor and it goes naturally.
Again thanks!

Thank you very much.