Preparing to give a talk as a new speaker

(Kim) #21

Love it Heather I so know exactly where you are coming from and I am very excited to hear the recorded talk.

(Deborah) #22

What about the big before being the new speaker - how did you know or why did you think your story or topic was worth sharing and others might be interested?

(Heather) #23

So mine for NTD I was 100% convinced that nobody wanted to hear it. I had a really long Skype session with Jean Ann Harrison and she got all of these ideas flowing. She then pointed out that those were my starting points and we worked on how I might flesh those out into a talk.

I found watching talks that I really enjoyed and using their approach as a template, I was able to visualise how my story might work.

(Tobias) #24

I’m never sure if my topic is worth sharing or interesting to others.

I do know if I’m passionate about a topic and that the passion is enough to drive me through the whole “preparing a talk” process. Once I’m certain about that part I submit the talk and let the program committees decide if the talk is worth sharing.