Proposal Template for Implementation of Tool in Organization

Is there a proposal template to request for a tool implementation in organization which recommends advantages of using it than without having it?

To share with Managers, Management etc.

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I use a simple doc with following details

  1. Objective
  2. People who are involved
  3. What You want to introduce (Tool/Process)
  4. Why you want to introduce (Tool/Process)
  5. How you are going to introduce (Tool/Process)

Share it with managers or management for review, ask them to raise their suggestion or feedback on the doc as comment and we come to collusion either to go ahead and implement it or not.

Important part is once a process or tool is implemented you have to keep reviewing its progress. Many times tool or process may not workout the way it was initially planned so keep improving and documenting changes in your proposal


It would be helpful, if you can share sample document.

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It would be important to include costs or ROI in any such documentation.

Sri I don’t expect you’ll find a template so you’ll need to create one.


Hi @srinivasskc,

as each company has their own templates, you probably won’t find one you can use out of the box. I’d suggest a chat with other people working there to see how they went about implementing new tools.
Milton’s suggestion is perfectly correct, and contains all the information you need to present, especially if you add sgodfrey81’s requirement for Costs and ROI. I would just add
6. Timescale for introduction (how long to introduce, how long before it benefits the team)
7. Proposal for roll-back IF things don’t go as planned.

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