Reading List for testing

(Will) #1

I like to read books on testing and around testing sphere and thought a reading list might be someway to find new books to read and gather any recommendations.

Currently I’m reading my way through Gerry Weinberg’s Quality Software Management (Vol. 1 Systems Thinking) and liking how it sets up for the wider view of testing and quality.

Anyone have any nice recommendations (I’ll add more later).

30 Days of Agile Testing, Day 1: Agile testing books
(Gil) #2

Hi Will,
I can suggest reading Six thinking hats by Edward de-Bono, which isn’t directly about testing, but we’ve found it useful as you can read in our series of posts about it. We’ve also just posted a short, surprising, list of recommended books to read.

(Beren) #3

I once started this project, but it hasn’t gotten any love the past years.
I’m wondering if we can integrate the github repositories and visualize them clearly with voting functionality and all that good stuff.
Probably too much work to do it well though. :slight_smile:

(Will) #4

There is this, which I thought was a nice way to utilise both knowledge and mindmaps on a larger level.

(Will) #5

We used the six hats for a few retros, even went as far as buying six different coloured hats off of eBay on the cheap, though some people found it too confusing initially and then refused to participate. It worked well for the others on the team though and was able to get some good actions and direction when in a particularly deep nadir. Will need to read the book though to figure out what went wrong.

(Rufus) #6

Hi Will,

I would recommend “Explore It!” by Elisabeth Hendrickson.
I found it interesting and useful.

(Heather) #7

I love Evil by Design which you could argue isn’t directly about testing but it’s given me some great testing ideas :slight_smile: it’s also helped me argue against some design decisions during requirements gathering.
When I asked on slack about books for testing, Thinking Fast and Slow was also recommended to me. Again it’s more about how humans think so may not exactly be what you’re after.

(Jesper) #8

+1 for “Explore It” on exploratory testing.
+1 for any Gerald Weinberg and especially for “Perfect Software… and other illusions”
“Agile Testing” & “More Agile Testing” by Crispin and Gregory, if that’s your fancy
"how to reduce the cost of software testing" is a great collection of insights. Albeit pricy :frowning:

Can anyone recommend a book on test automation (not tools specific?

(Rob) #9

For the beginner I would recommend “Lessons learned in Software Testing” - Invaluable.
Similar to others “Explore It” is great for exploratory testing.

(Alistair) #10

Is “Lessons learned in Software Testing” still recommended? It’s from 2002 so is it still up to date enough?

(Chris) #11

I’d say it’s worth a read. A lot of the core of software testing was written a long time ago by philosophers, anyway.

(Ady) #12

Can’t recommend Gojko Adzic’s books highly enough. Bridging the Communication Gap leads to Specification by Example. There’s also Impact Mapping but his most recent, Humans vs Computers is sad, funny, eye opening and informative all at the same time. My paperback copy only cost £9.99 and was well worth the money. I tend to top up my Amazon basket with a cheap testing/software book if I’m a little short of free delivery. Just received Sun Tzu and the Art of Software Testing 2012 for a couple of quid. Looking forward to finding out if it’s any good.