Real Time Project Experience in a new Skill


This is regarding getting experience in a Real-time project after you gain some new skills. The problem is that it is kind of a vicious circle in which if you dont have experience of a skill then the managment is reluctant to assign you into the project. Also since you have just learnt the skill , you cant really mention it in the CV unless you have worked in some real project. How to break the loop and get some exposure after learning a new skill.

Hello @testerhsp!

As a Test Lead, I keep an eye out for testers on my team who want to learn and use new skills. Where I can, I try to provide them opportunities to learn or demonstrate. Perhaps you can work with your Team Lead to do the same?

I wanted to improve my testing skills when I first moved to a testing job family. I was already working on some web sites at home so I took the opportunity to explore how to test them. I learned about testing and about me testing by doing that.