Recommendations for post grad or other courses

Hi all,

Looking for some advice. I’m looking to do either a post grad or another course to help build my technical skills. Main reason for a decision for a post grad course would be I feel I didn’t really give college my all the first time around.

The main problem I’m having is finding a course, so wondering what courses anybody did here post grad or on their own time that they found beneficial.


I did the 4 BBST courses available, which took about 6 months in total. 12 hours/week in average.

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Thanks Stefan,

I’ll have a look at those courses.

I’m also considering doing an evening course like Cloud Computing or Project management. Not just looking for test specific courses.

So if anybody has any other recommendations, even if it’s something you did years ago, please feel free to shout.


I don’t know any onsite courses.
But if you are looking for something online and done by universities, try searching the
And if you don’t care about the diploma or the certificates, you may check youtube channels of Stanford or MIT, they publish class recordings:

I can recommend the Harvard’s CS50 course that I started, unfortunately not finished, but the instructor is great. I don’t know your level of knowledge though, but here’s the link anyway:

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