Research in Exploratory Testing

I am a researcher at the UFPE Informatics Center and I am conducting a master’s research in order to understand how Exploratory Tests are within technology companies in order to raise real data so that it is possible to contribute to the development of new approaches/tools that help testers and/or developers in the Software Testing process. The survey is designed to be completely anonymous and you will not be asked for any sensitive information about your company. The estimated time to respond is up to 5 minutes. Therefore, I would like your help in the development of this research.

The survey in English:
The survey in Portuguese-BR:

Thank you very much and if you can share with other colleagues feel free.

Best regards,
Iverson Pereira
MSc in Computer Science
Informatics Center - CIn - UFPE


Done. Please share the results!

Done, also interessted in all the results! :slight_smile:

The question about being in a QA team was hard to answer, since most of my recent jobs have been there is no QA team, but there is a QA role in every team, so we are a community or squad that work across teams.
I did find at least one question to be a bit thin on context or vague, and found one of the questions scoring systems to be a bit moot.

  1. I don’t use
  2. Never
  3. Sometimes
  4. Often
  5. Always
    Because 1 and 2 are the same to me, in the context I had, this was an unusual choice of scoring values to use.