Right o, whats next?

(craig) #1

So Sarah and Richard created this space for the MO Club.

What do we want out of it?
What would be useful to the MO Club

A couple of ideas I had were:
Starting a Meetup guide
Activities and how well they worked
The dreaded headcount problem

Can you jot your ideas below for topics you would like to see and if you would be willing to create/ input to them.

If you like an existing topic, can you heart it and that will help prioritise some of the topics to discuss/

(Hilary) #3

Definitely the starting a meetup guide and activities etc
Attracting speakers
accessibility of spaces
scheduling (does time of day/week affect attendance)

(Drew) #4

If you’ve had a speaker and they’ve said they’d be interested in trying to take it to other meetups (I’ve had a couple who have said they want to try and speak at a few different ones), then this would be a good place to have a central list of speakers who may be interested in you approaching them.

However - permission, GDPR, etc…

(craig) #5

Could you elaborate on the accessibility of spaces point?

(Hilary) #6

I saw a twitter thread on it and can’t find it now lol Essentially how do we let attendees know about the accessibility of the space for folks that are in wheelchairs, for instance, or are hard of hearing

(craig) #7

Thats a really good point, i normally visit the venue 1st and as most are offices they support wheelchairs but ive not looked at ear loops etc.