Robotic Arm - cool, or not cool?

(Michal) #1

Hi everyone,

first of all, I’m not in connection with the company in the video and I’m not trying to propagate their products in any way.
I just came across with this material and cannot decide, if I should laugh, or just accept it, as it is.
In my opinion, this is the exact example of missinterpretation of the term “test automation”.
What do you think?


(Brian) #2

Um… It can push buttons? In that sense, it can be useful. I would be more inclined to believe that it is more useful for hardware testing than software testing (After all, you can do all of those pushy-buttony actions with code), but that isn’t the impression I got from all the buzzwords in the video like black box… regression… logic behind code, etc. Thus I believe that they are marketing to the wrong audience.

(gordon) #3

Looks very similar to which was founded by Jason Huggins of Selenium fame.
Whilst you can do a lot of the pushy-buttony stuff in the code there is nearly always some real device testing that goes on to check for device specific issues which is what these products seem to be targeting.
Not going to be for everyone but can imagine if you have lots of repetitive workflows to check on multiple real devices it could be appealing.