Running a scaled meetup

(craig) #1

Hi all,

So I wanted to try something to help connect the local meetups, i decided I wanted to try a webinar our meetup to more than one location.

We managed to secure Alan Page to webcast us later in the month and because of this it allowed us to scale the talk.

As Alan is such a great speaker, I was keen to ensure the meetup group got as much out of it as possible, so we did one session on the Modern Testing Principles and at the end of May were going to be joined by Alan to cast to Glasgow, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

So what have I learnt to date
I bit more than I could chew off, timewise. I decided it would be a good idea to do the two part meetup, that meant i had to create part one, roll it out, fix it and find people to help.

If your thinking about doing this my suggestion is go low hanging, like low.

You need help and great collaborators
After I sent out the workshop details we had to get on a call to ensure all were clear and what the outputs were and that everyone was happy and supportive.

You need to prove the technology too, Edinburgh tried and failed, Glasgow and Newcastle succeeded. Someone a few years ago thought it would be great if we bought a surface hub. I could not even get the windows picture displayed (face plam) in the trial run. So glad that didn’t happen on the night.

Know your technology limits,
Were using Crowdcast to stream. My initial idea would be for all the meetups to show a picture to all but it sounds like by doing this it causes poor picture quality so we would be better limiting it.

The Q&A
We want to run a Q&A but without giving the link out before i was concerned about people just logging in from home. Well I think the way we can do this is to give people the link but password protect and give that out on the night. that way people can submit and upvote questions.

anyway, i know some of us have scaled meetups cross country but i thought it might help if anyone was thinking to do something similar what ive learnt.

Ill update this post after the 29th as thats when the main event happens.


(craig) #2

I should say, i sent a survey monkey out after. This is the feedback I got