Sci-Fi movies that are worth watching

(Olaf) #1

This past weekend I finally got to watch “Whatever Happened to Monday?”.

It’s (obviously) sci-fi, but the premise is how a family deals with a one-child policy in the future. It shows some pretty nifty tech, and Noomi Rapace does a brilliant job.

(Brian) #2

I couldn’t begin a comprehensive list (That would take 100’s of films, and weeks of writing), but here are a few that some of you might not have seen.
Enemy Mine (1985) - About two enemies who are stuck in a situation where they have to work together in order to survive. The acting isn’t stellar, but I loved the story and the message of your enemies are also just as “human” as you.
Gattaca (1997) - A movie about perseverance in the face of impossible dreams. In a future where genetics determines your fate, a man decides to shoot for the stars when his “fate” is to be insignificant.
The Martian (2015) - Another about perseverance. This time, a man is stuck alone on mars, and has to figure out how to survive and how to get home.