Seeking career advice for Manual tester

Hi, I am Honey Suri, I worked as a Manual tester for last 5 years. Now I want add some new technology in my resume but I do not have any interest in coding. Can someone please help me to suggest what I do? E.g, some friends gave me the advice to be a Scrum Master. Can someone give me more options?


Hi Honey Suri,

Welcome here :slight_smile:

One angle could be to skill up on knowledge about the system under test wrt. things that cannot be easily codified. Become the proxy product owner, or as knowledgeable as a product owner.

Another angle could work be to coach your testing skills to the other team members. Become the Test Coach and work for a whole team approach to quality and testing.

If you like IT technology, but not coding as such. Look into Internet of Things, Voice tools and emergent consumer technologies.



Hello @honeysuri as I don’t know what your interests are I can only be very general but as someone who doesn’t have any real interest in coding myself I can empathise with your situation.

Some things you could look into to see if they might interest you;

  • Coaching Testing
  • Specialise in an area like accessibility which has very low automation options. Also security or performance could be interesting to you
  • Learn to read code, this helps testing in general and for feedback and pairing with developers #CodeConfident

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


On top of all other great advices you got here, I’ll add one thing only for now:

There is no such thing as Manual Tester. It’s a false terminology in testing.

Stop talking and thinking you are manual, because you are not. Evidently, your brain get you into here ask this question NOT your hands just did it!


Becoming an important contributor to some software companies use it’s a always something good.

“Oh, do you guys like to use X? I’ve been testing it for some years, look how I collaborated to these XYZ features…”