Selenium Webdriver using Java

(Nitin Sharma) #1


I am new to selenium and creating a script in eclipse using java to automate the gmail login. But whenever i tried to run the script, the previous scripts which i created earlier runs automatically even though they are not selected. I have refresh the eclipse several time, i also create a new package in which i tried to run the script but nothing achieved.

Nitin Sharma

(Deepak S) #2

Hi Nitin,

The question was bit foggy. Tried to answer with my understanding. For further details please share few code snippets , logs .

Select and run is not possible . The execution starts from the main class . you can do any one of the below

  1. Remove the unwanted scripts and have only the required one
  2. Create a separate class with main method , containing only the gmail scripts . Right click and run that particular class .

Hope this helps