Selenium with Audio What would you use it for?

Hey Ministry,

I saw an interesting video about making your Selenium Tests talk.

GitHub - sudharsan-selvaraj/selenium-audio-logger: 👻 👻 Adds a little 🅵🆄🅽 to selenium test execution by speaking out all webdriver/webelement actions performed in the tests.

How would you use this in your tests? Would you use it in your tests?

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Is there a video of it working?.. oh yes there is. Does it wait for each element accessed to speak before the test move on?.. Yes it does, it’s a java plugin that means the install may need some work if you don’t use java sadly. Funky, educational, but not sure I would use it sadly. What was it’s purpose I wonder.

I actually thought , from the title of the thread, that we were talking about Selenium recording audio, not using a TTS engine hooked into the F/W, HaHa

@conrad.braam - I did not want to create any false hope. I thought it interesting and that is why I shared it.
Personally would have to think of a real world scenario for its use.

I can imagine maybe some people that have vision difficulties may take advantage of it, but I cannot really tell.

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@restertest I’m not convinced it’s a useless exercise - I did a bit of code scanning to try get a rough idea of how it works, and in that alone, it’s a smart exercise. There are many many terrible software apps out there. I think that there are many ways to “raise the bar” and force good quality engineering to happen. And this project is one such project, it’s done properly, and it works. It probably will work on a headless browser too.

I once did a text-to-speech driver for an industrial control-system, It was in the early days of the tech, but it did work, and was great for demos. For me it was a fun project, and probably only ate a week of my work, for something that never got published, but I learned a lot. I’m pretty sure someone has published a plugin that does it better, it was so long ago now. But I’m with Joao on this, it’s very helpful I’ll bet if you have limited vision.