Share a poem, haiku or song 🎶

The other day some of the MoT crew explored ideas for the TestMaster section of HolidayBash.

We thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we asked people to write a poem, haiku or a song. :+1:t2: Then we realised we wouldn’t have time to listen/read all the entries during the event. :-1:t2: :cry:

Yet we think it’ll be fun to still offer the idea up on this here Club. So how about, feel free to share a poem, haiku, or song lyrics. If a theme helps, feel free to go with one of these:

  • A reflection of 2021
  • Something you learned in 2021
  • Your thoughts on the MoT community
  • What’s next for 2022
  • What you’re looking forward to during the holiday season

Good luck and enjoy!


Here’s a haiku (attempt)

MoT Club
Teaches Testers
That Learning is Fun


Doesn’t really fit any of the themes mentioned but I think still relevant.

A couple of years ago I wrote a song based on the lyrics for the song Stop the Cavalry by Jona Lewie.


And here is a new song I wrote, this one is based on the song ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ by Shakin’ Stevens

The bugs are missing
The software’s working
Testers exploring
Having fun

Devs and Testers
Are full of understanding
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tests are running, and passing
Test automation running all night
Time for searching
And Exploratory Testing
Time for learning so all is bright

We’re gonna have a bug hunt tonight
I’m gonna find that bug, hidden deep within the app
We’ll squish it so all is right

Bugs appearing, tests are failing
Legacy issues, we hate to see
All I wish for no more bugs here
Not a nice way to spend the year

We’re gonna fix those bugs tonight
We’re gonna find the bugs hidden deep within the app
And we’ll squish them so all is right

The bugs are gone
None around me
Testers playing
Having fun
Devs and Testers
Are full of understanding
Merry Christmas Everyone
Merry Christmas Everyone
Merry Christmas Everyone


Both of your song lyrics are fantastic, @lgibbs ! They work so well whilst playing each tune in my head. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Alright, giving this poem thingy a try:

covid is super boring
but lockdowns are fun
all day exploring
making sure my tests run

breaking apps for a living
servers are down
I hope devs are forgiving
at least I expect a frown

I can’t stop testing
testing is in my blood, my dna
doing all online courses without resting
black hat, white hat maybe I’m a little grey

ministry of testing is my second home
learning so much every day
trying to open it daily on chrome
unlimited learnings, nothing is in my way