Software Developer looking for help to get into Software Testing

My name is Umesh. I was a software developer with programming experience in C language and networking, but quit my job few years ago. Now I would like to get into application software testing like Web Application Testing or standalone application testing. Any courses, what specific skills I need to get into this field ?

Thanks a lot.

This might be a good start: There are some links in the article under the learn & practice section which can be helpful in your situation.

Is also fun!

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Thanks a lot. Will try out the testing challenge as well.


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First, You need to get an introduction to Web Application Testing or standalone application testing. There are many websites where you can read and understand the basics of web application testing. Then you can easily dig into the details and get used to it. Check this out: as Kristof already suggested.

Thank you So much. I am taking actions suggested in that article.