Spanish IT magazines?

I am looking to learn more about the Spanish testing and development IT market.

Do you know what Spanish testers and developers would read both online and offline?


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To start with, Ministry of Testing has a Spanish blog feed :slight_smile:

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@jokin or @tdelalic can help :slight_smile:

I am a spanish speaking tester from Mexico, I actually do all of those but in English, there’s not a lot of resources in Spanish. There’s some blogging in Spanish here in the MOT community.

There’s also a bunch of us, spanish speakers in Slack in the Testers Chat. We read each other blogs too.

In slack we chat about our daily stuff problems, we ask questions, we share solutions there in spanish if you want to join in slack use and then join #theamericanos

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update: there’s a #latin-america channel in the MOT slack now