Stay on track with your schedule

(Bill) #1

So I joined anothere meetup today that was scheduled for 6.30. Speaker was late and the event started at 7. We started an introduction around the room, which was nice but took way longer for everyone to talk. The presentation was very very sales oriented, it finished around 9.15, was thinking leaving in the middle of it but there were a few folks that wanted to talk to me since I anounced in my intro that i’m hiring. Ended up going home at 10pm

TL;DR Badly organized meetup, felt like I lost a day of my life

Organizers keep yourselfs and your speaker accountable for the times that you communicate to your community

(craig) #2

Yeah sounds like a total nightmare, i always build a little whitespace for things overrunning but not 30 minutes!

(Heather) #3

Yeah we always send a reminder on the Monday (our events are a Wednesday) reminding people of the start and end times. Particularly where we are, everyone has to get a bus/train home and they stop at 10pm so overrunning isn’t really an option.

Most offices have a hard cut off/throw out time too in my experience.

Either way, horrible to overrun by that much!

(Bill) #4

Ah yeah I forgot to mention that the shut the lights on us like 5 minutes before the presentation finishes