Structure notebook for testers

I got a general notebook from my work, in which i jot down thoughts, tests and tasks to do. I figured out there could be more structure to it, and it could better support me in my day to day:slight_smile:
so, im set to create a notebook for testers that would better support us.

In manual, autmoation, unit, integration, regulatory, functional, load, bugs, jira, requirements… anything really. I’d be happy to hear what would help you to have a more organized day to day and help keeping the information most relevant to you in an easy way. The idea is that instead of freely writing everything, the notebook will have some parts to it, each for a specific part of work, and that would be a place where you could summarize thoughts, things to do, prompt you to think of things is some ways.

To give an example, Im doing manual tests, handle bugs, define jira flows, pass tests to automation, so i defined parts of test related tasks (user goals and avatars, important requirements, updates, tests), bugs (critical and pending, follow ups) jira flows (goals, affected people, affects on existing projects…). this way, my thoughts, follow ups, tasks and progressions are better organized.

hope this interests you :slight_smile: and i’d love to create a notebook that can support as many testers, so i’d be happy to hear your thoughts!

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Hi Ben,

This ties in to your approach to testing. Some of the tasks you mention are more process related, e.g., handling bugs, jira flows, etc. It may be worth asking, is that the core of testing?

Would this book represent a tester’s notebook:

Should this be your tester’s notebook:

More later