SWTC Cambridge - Technical Testing

(karo) #1

Hi all,
we’ve had a fantastic session on Technical Testing in October.

This session was a little different, as it was in the form of a circus. There were seven different stations set up each with a technical testing skill being demonstrated. We’ve grouped students to move around the stations, getting involved with demos and ask questions.

These were the stations we had:

  • Roy: Data Visualisation with Excel
  • Mark: Test Data generation with Python
  • Neil: bespoke scripts with AutoIt
  • Sam: WireMock
  • James: Models / Architecture Diagrams
  • Dave: Dock simulator
  • Archana: Video and Image quality assessment

A massive thanks to our fabulous volunteers for doing a demo, there wouldn’t have been a session without you!

A couple helpful links on the topic of technical testing:

See you all in November for the next session on Automation!

Many thanks,
Karo and Mark

(James) #2

Here’s the crib sheet I had stuck to the whiteboard:

And the Rob Meaney talk on Testability that I referenced is on the Dojo here: https://www.ministryoftesting.com/dojo/lessons/a-tale-of-testability

(Neil) #3

The scripting language I used to talk about tool assisted testing is AutoIT

While I can’t share some of the applications written for work I can share some simple scripts to get people started https://github.com/NeilYounger/simple-apps

Once installed I would also recommend viewing the AutoIt Help file. Run Start Menu - Programs - AutoIt v3 - AutoIt Help File.

In particular I would read the following.

  • AutoIt - Introduction
  • Using AutoIt

There are also some useful Tutorials in the Help file which are worth going though. Certainly the first three.

  • Hello World
  • Simple notepad automation
  • Winzip installation