Template for Sponsorship Request

(Bill) #1

Thought I share this, maybe other groups need something similar. I’m using it as a sort intro whenever I’m approaching a possible food/venue sponsor

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Do you have any tips on getting sponsorship for your Meetup?
(craig) #2

That’s really good.

I do think its missing some metrics and benefits. The first question I got asked was why should we pay for this, what is the benefit to us?

I had the following prepared:

  • Appearing like a forward thinking company
  • Brand exposure to x attendees & on social media (you could get the total over the year or ave) and the companies they work for
  • Self-development opportunities for staff (organisational/speaking/running workshops).
  • Helping us identify talent we might want to hire
  • Sharing ideas and lessons from other people outside of our company
  • Cheap training

I don’t know if MOT would be keen on this but maybe we could also offer the company to be added on the site in the meetup area as supporters of a meetup or a period of time.

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