Test Automation principles

Hello everyone, I am trying to put together a list with test automation principles, can you help me with that? Thanks! :slight_smile:

  1. Create a plan for test automation for each system.
  2. Take into account the test pyramid while deciding the amount and type of testing (manual/automated)
  3. Use metrics to provide extra information to the tests.
  4. Automated tests must be environment independent.
  5. Automated tests must be self-contained with test-data
  6. Automated tests code must be versioned and updated.
  7. Automated test should used test-doubles.

I would add one that, in my experience, had the most impact and added the most value to all automated test suites I’ve created over the year:

  • If you have the possibility to automatically test something, without having to render a UI, you should always focus on that first.
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