Test cases management in Azure DevOps 2019 - Test Plans


We have been managing our test cases, which are currently mainly manual, in TFS and now Azure DevOPs test plans. We are using Azure DevOps 2019.

I am in the process of establishing automated test processes in my current organization, and have worked with automated tools in the past as well.

The automated tools that I am looking at for automating our UI tests moving forward, are Cypress and possibly UI path as well.

My question is whether anyone is currently using the Azure DevOps test plans tool and Cypress/UI Path.

Are you linking your UI test cases to test cases to Azure DevOps? Are you linking them to a test case with “just enough” documentation in DevOps with the core of the documentation of the test being handled in Cypress through the use of comments (in the automated code).

If you have lessons learned or helpful documents regarding this topic, that you can share I would be very grateful.