Test Management for JIRA question

This question is for the peops who use Test Management for JIRA. We have a current problem right now which is making it difficult to track whether a specific test has passed based on cross-browser testing. I was wondering if you have any thoughts or solutions to this.

The way we have set up TM4J now is we have a custom field for test executions called ‘Browser’ and ‘Operating System’ to allow us to track what device/browser we’ve used for a test. The test cycle is set up in such a way that it includes all the tests for a given project.

Having done many test executions already, we can see that there are a number of passes/fails in the history. However, just by looking at the test in the test player, it’s difficult to determine whether a test has passed overall (because it must pass in all browsers that we have supported).

There can be many executions done in a mix of browsers. The only way someone would know is if they read through all of the executions individually to gain an understanding of the test overall. We know that TM4J mainly reports based on the latest test execution but this won’t work in this situation.

Possible workarounds
Leaving a comment on the latest execution to say what the latest situation is - this is what we’re currently thinking of doing.
Test cycle for each browser - easier to track but more admin work involved switching and executing for each cycle. Not ideal.