TestBash Home 2020 Schedule is Live!

Great schedule.

Is there a list of what will be taking place in each demo?

How will be we joining the TestBash I have the ticket but unable to figure out

Hey @mariamaslam check your inbox, you should have email instructions about how to join. If you don’t see it immediately, try your spam folder

Please can you provide an accessible text version of the schedule please.

@kentfield Someone is working on that now and I’ll get it to you as soon as we have it

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Hello, i am new here. Please would i get the time for the conference via email and how to access it?


Hi @softtestng ,

You can see the schedules at the very top of this thread. Have you received your registration emails too?

Thanks, but i haven’t received registration email.

@softtestng it has been resent, please check your spam folders shortly.

at https://ti.to/mot/testbash-home-2020?source=motsite
below “Enter Your Ticket Quantity To Continue” and “TestBash Home 24 hours (30th April - 1st May) - Single” it says “Available until 30th of April 2020.”
Does the word until include the date 30th of April 2020?
I just wonder if it possible to buy a ticket tomorrow, at 30th April, at the date when the event starts?

Hey @christer.nilsson :wave: yes you can buy tickets up to the event starting :slight_smile:

Allright @heather_reid, thank you!

@heather_reid do you need a Pro account to catch the recorded sessions if you bought the ticket for Test Bash, but sleep at night or have a toddler that doesn’t let you concentrate? Asking for a friend. :ninja_orange:

@heather_reid - Do we really need a Crowdcast account to view the events? I have absolutely no use for it otherwise and I really don’t want to sign up for a free trial.

@rosseter we’ve been able to join a beta program that will enable captions on the sessions we don’t already have them on, namely the Panels, Live Coaching Bug Hunt and Q&As after the talks. Hope this helps :smiley:

@kentfield HTML the text based schedule is here TestBash Home: Text Schedule @andrea maybe this also helps with your request?

@lgibbs if you’re specifically after the sponsors Demos, those will be:

  • TestRail at 11:15 pm on April 30th and 2:15pm May 1st (UK time)
  • Sauce Labs at 9:55 am on May 1st (UK time)
  • BrowserStack at 4:20 pm on May 1st (UK time)
  • Testim at 6:15 pm on May 1st (UK time)

The other Demo slots will be useful how to’s for The Club and Ministry of Testing website.

@lsauce all ticket holders will have access to the recordings from the event (it will take a while to get them onto the website but you will have access). You only need a Pro account if you didn’t buy a ticket to attend and want to catch up with them.

@alexh yes you need the free version of Crowdcast to attend the event live. You won’t need a free trial or to pay for the use of Crowdcast, you just need the basic level account.


Hi everyone from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am really looking forward to it.


@heather_reid Thank you

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This is really useful @heather_reid, thanks!

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Awesome sauce, thank you!

wonderful news, thank you for the update!