TestBash Home 2020 Schedule is Live!

@dimi yes, the sessions will be recorded. They won’t be available immediately after the conference as some editing needs to happen but once the editing is done and the captions are added, all attendees will get an email letting them know how to access the recordings.

@anaghad The Community space will be explained live during that sessions time slot. If you see “Meet the Bosses Rosie & Richard”, that is different to “Meet the Bosses Heather & Diana”. Where there is a repeat of “Meet the Bosses Rosie & Richard”, yes that content will be the same as the previous “Meet the Bosses Rosie & Richard”.

No other talks will be repeated. The only talks that are repeated are the Meet the Bosses ones as they are short introductions to our Bosses :slight_smile:

You can attend the conference any time you would like or are able to from 8pm UK time on April 30th (start) until 8:30pm UK time on May 1st (end). You do not have to attend the entire event live if you can’t/don’t want to. All sessions will be recorded as mentioned above.

so but whateevr talks we will miss because of the night time we will be able to watch it later when the recording is available after few days right? so we will not really miss anything…as the talks on 30th april sounds much interesting but its really late night in my timezone so i will mostly attend it from 1st may morning.

Yes, any talks you miss, you will be able to watch once we release the recordings. It can take several weeks for those to be released but you will have access to them once they are.

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Looking forward to it!

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Hi Heather, would it at all be possible to produce this schedule in printer-friendly colours? I am old-fashioned and would like to have it on paper, but all the blue stops me from actually printing it…

Hi @andrea not on this occasion, we’re trying to reduce the amount that we print so stopped doing printer friendly versions of the schedules quite a while ago.

With the event being tomorrow and all the work we’re still doing in the background, our designer won’t have time to produce a new one.

We’ll have the schedule shown on the screen at numerous points throughout the session and the MCs will be reminding everyone what’s up next so that people don’t miss a thing :slight_smile:

Hi Heather, that makes all sense! Thanks for the swift answer, you are up early!!! :slightly_smiling_face: I am looking forward to the event, I am sure it will be a blast!

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Early bird catches the worm :wink:

I’m very excited too! I can’t believe it starts tomorrow :grin:

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Thanks for sharing the timetable, looks like I need to wake up super early in NZ :slight_smile:

Wow great Schedule . Hoping it would be exciting .

Great schedule.

Is there a list of what will be taking place in each demo?

How will be we joining the TestBash I have the ticket but unable to figure out

Hey @mariamaslam check your inbox, you should have email instructions about how to join. If you don’t see it immediately, try your spam folder

Please can you provide an accessible text version of the schedule please.

@kentfield Someone is working on that now and I’ll get it to you as soon as we have it

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Hello, i am new here. Please would i get the time for the conference via email and how to access it?


Hi @softtestng ,

You can see the schedules at the very top of this thread. Have you received your registration emails too?

Thanks, but i haven’t received registration email.

@softtestng it has been resent, please check your spam folders shortly.

at https://ti.to/mot/testbash-home-2020?source=motsite
below “Enter Your Ticket Quantity To Continue” and “TestBash Home 24 hours (30th April - 1st May) - Single” it says “Available until 30th of April 2020.”
Does the word until include the date 30th of April 2020?
I just wonder if it possible to buy a ticket tomorrow, at 30th April, at the date when the event starts?