TestBash Home: 24 hours Challenge ("...if you don’t like sleep, try doing the full 24 hours straight!..."

TestBash Home will start as a 24 hour rolling Software Testing Conference.
… if you don’t like sleep, try doing the full 24 hours straight!

Maybe its Lagerkoller, but I am contemplating, if I should try the 24 h challenge.

Any ideas & suggestion how to prepare?

  • Sleep properly the days before (12h enough?)
  • Keep water ready for hydration (1 litre per 2h?)
  • What food to eat? (bread makes me sleepy…)

Other comments?


I’m going to attempt it. I’m off that week, which makes things a little easier.

I’m going for plenty of fresh fruit and water. I’m going to avoid caffeine until as far into the 24 hours as possible.

Also, if it gets to the point that I’m not enjoying the event due to lack of sleep, then I’ll got to sleep!


Good tip with the coffee… hm… might be hard for me; I drink coffee all the time.

Also figured, I need a good chair, but not toooo comfy. :wink:

Helpful link (for me):

I’ve never been able to stay awake for 24 hs, my brain just stops working. But i’ll give it a shot :slight_smile:


I’m in, will definitely be a challenge but I think I’ll be able to do it.

I would like to try out this challenge, its been long since i last stayed awak 24 hours but will see how far i can still push myself.

Cool to see some responses here.

We can hang out in the MoT slack at #testbashhome channel and keep us motivated over that long period. And have chats during the talks with others as well.

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I preparing a personal schedule in order to manage my son too. And because of all videos are recording, I know I don’t miss anything :grin: