TestBash Mobile 2022 - Discussion with Piotr Wicherski, Vikrant Maniar and Julia Pottinger

In this session, our host Laveena Ramchandani @laveenaramchandani01 is joined by three experts in Mobile Testing to discuss all things Mobile:

  • @pwicherski is an Expert Mobile QA Engineer in Warsaw, Poland. Piotr has 13 years of expertise in Mobile technologies and has done more than 50 talks and workshops throughout his career. And if you’re a football fan, come and say hi to Piotr as he works for UEFA!

  • @ailuj876 is a Head of Training and Development, a YouTuber, Instructor and Blogger from Kingston, Jamaica, Julia is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with the testing community. Julia has written and done a lot of research on Mobile Testing and is very much looking forward to sharing her tips for Mobile App Testing!

  • @vikrant.maniar is currently an Engineering Manager of quality and automation for all client platforms, in San Francisco, USA. Vikrant has great experience in leading test automation and release efforts for iOS and Android mobile apps, responsible for everything and anything that touches mobile apps. He’s super excited to join TestBash Mobile!

We’ll use this Club thread to share resources mentioned during the session and answer any questions we don’t get to during the live session.


Resources Shared Live:

@ailuj876 Mobile App Quality Test Techniques
@finnish Proxyman
@maaike.brinkhof funniest Bug Story
@simon_tomes Robo Test
@friendlytester Google Test Lab is the Firebase lab

Questions Answered Live:

  1. What is the funniest bug you found during mobile testing? @maaike.brinkhof
  2. We have UI automation tests in place and deciding what to automate is often a big decision. Any tips on determining what is worth automating & what is not? @pfitz
  3. Can you think of the biggest timesavers (whether it’s tools or techniques) that you have used in mobile testing? (Philip Wong)
  4. What is the biggest difference in testing web vs mobile? How should someone entering the mobile space change their mindset while having a web background? @jaswanth
  5. Do you have any NOT to-dos for people getting into mobile testing? (Philip Wong)
  6. What do you think about snapshot testing? Could it potentially replace UI tests? (Paulina Durdeva)
  7. What is the best mobile app inspector tool (for identifying elements etc) you have used? @rhiannonjones
  8. What would have made your life infinitely easier, had you known it at the beginning of your mobile testing journey? @karentestsstuff
  9. How to organize accessibility testing? Are there any tools to automate some part of it? (Paulina Durdeva)
  10. What are some of the most exciting things happening in the mobile space right now / to look out for in the near future? @dom_dawes
  11. We have multiple teams feeding into the app releases and it is difficult for teams to own the automation of regression, any tips to ensure quality here? @deecram
  12. What 1 thing that you’ve asked your developers to add/change to improve testability. Along the lines of a debug menu, etc…? @jaswanth

Questions Not Answered Live:

  1. Do you also consider Accessibility Testing during mobile testing if this is not yet defined and how do you communicate to stakeholders or project owners? @alexschnapper

I am trying to always include accessibility testing in the project test plan.

Accessibility should be a part of each project’s estimations and planning phase from the start. If it’s not, then it will be way harder to justify, sometimes really time-consuming, changes throughout the app to stakeholders.

For companies from certain countries, it’s easier to include accessibility testing based on project risk management.

Just an example from the USA: Mobile apps and mobile websites must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Thanks @pwicherski for your answer and hints and links.

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