TestBash San Francisco 2018 Places To Stay

(Heather) #1

So, where are you all planning to stay when you visit San Francisco? Will you be using Air BnB?

The previous times I’ve visited, I’ve always used Union Square as my base so stayed around there and travelled out.

(Mark) #2

Where about in SF is it being held?

This is definitely the one I would go to if I was attending this year, awesome city

(Heather) #3

It’s in the Cowell Theatre

So nicely close to Fishermans Wharf with some amazing views!

(Penny) #4

I’m wondering the same… where to stay?

(Heather) #5

So @techgirl1908 has suggested anywhere in this area:


(Melissa) #6

I booked Comfort Inn By The Bay. Good reviews, and a good price range for the area.

(Penny) #7

I’ve booked in at Pier 2620 Hotel Fisherman’s Wharf.
Hope its great!:eyes::shark:

(Vermont WP) #8

I also booked the Comfort Inn by The Bay since it was within my company’s budget and @melthetester said they are staying there as well. I’m getting really excited!