Testing in a world of Micro Services Architecture

My company is moving towards agile and also using Micro Services Architecture (containerisation etc). We are looking at process and principles but it is proving difficult to find the right terminology for testing levels etc. Has anyone any experience of working in this way who could suggest some sensible terminology as I think we are making things up to fit rather than using anything that the Testing Industry would recognise?

This thread might be of use to you.

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Martin Fowler’s work in this area is always good to take a look at I think:

His whole site is worth exploring, lots of useful knowledge contained on there!!


There’s going to be a lot of variance. I’d say get your devs to agree on unit, integration, and what end-to-end means, and go from there.

More generally, if you’re adopting agile, some of the key principles are to figure out what the MVP is (i.e. how many things do you need to define/have shared language around), and then to try it and iterate.

Hi Roseanne,

I would recommend following Industry-standard Agile methodology.
Comming to Testing Micro Services:

  1. First Find what all services are been converted to microservices do thorough testing of the Service/Feature.
  2. Plan for API Automation in the initial phase only.
  3. Do Performance testing thoroughly.