The Toyota Unintended Acceleration Story - Fascinating Details

A few years ago, you may remember the case of Toyota Prius owners reporting cases of sudden acceleration. I own one, but never experienced this problem, however, this story disappeared from the news, so I thought it wasn’t real and was probably due to “driver error.”

A few months ago I found this incredibly fascinating talk by Prof. Phil Koopman, who served as an expert witness in this case. I highly recommend you watch this hour-long video. It is fascinating and scary. Slides of his talk are also available.

There’s a lot here to learn for testers and developers.

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@jmt-research - thanks for sharing this. btw, how did you discover it?

I really can’t remember. I think it had to do with me searching about software problems with Toyota’s and I own a Toyota, but have never had a sudden or unintended acceleration problem.

I have had many instances where after my car has been sitting in the sun (while I was at work) and I left work to travel home, none of the radio/CD/volume controls would work. Then, while at a stop light, I did decided to turn my car off, then back on and guess what? They all worked! That’s a little scary. Hopefully the engine control uses a better design and better components than the entertainment people used.

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