This is an invitation to collide with another community-tech and innovation ecosystem

Hi :wave:

My name is Vee

I’ve been a tester since never

I joined Ministry of Testing to see examples of what great community looks like. My first event was the Townhall February, Wow! Great great people, I wanna cry. I am going to share MoT with the Rainforest community, I belong to, at this weekly event, and you are invited to participate. Online Lunch Without Lunch 2022 - Zoom It will be 8pm this evening for many of you


Hi @veel,

Welcome to the community. It’s great to see you here. :smile:

And thanks so much for joining the Townhall. You asked excellent questions.

If there’s anything this community can do to help, just let us know. Hopefully, you’ll experience a great community. And if you have thoughts, observations or ideas, feel free to share in whatever way works for you.

Will see you around soon.

Have a good day!


The Townhall was great indeed, all those Jazzhands. Can’t wait for Mark to dye his hair green! :smiley: xD

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Thanks for joining, @kristof.

I think Mark would look very cool with green hair!

I might consider doing the same to cover all the ever-increasing grey. :sweat_smile:

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