To get a job in Software Testing How much of Selenium Webdriver should anyone know?

How much of Selenium Webdriver should anyone know to get a job?

It will vary from job to job. I personally do not regard it as a primary skill for testers.

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Does seems that it’s quite often raised in job specs. I think if possible it’s worth learning (says me, with a once read copy of the Practical Guide book)…no harm in trying to at least understand the basics if it does help…

It’s worth learning, at least the basics. However, knowing Selenium will not help you get a job. Proving that you can do it will help. The trick is, how to you demonstrate the ability to use it when you have no practical (paid) experience or references?

The question will surely come up in interviews.

Then the follow up question is, when a potential employer mentions Selenium or automated testing, how do you determine if the job is actually testing or creating automated checks?