Tool to display versions of different components in test environments

One of the challenges I face as a test manager, who utilises, but not manage environments, is to easily, at a given point in time, understand the versions of the different components in the test environments. At the moment we use a spreadsheet, which is limited in its effectiveness.

Does anyone know of any tools within which I can:

  1. Display my test environments
  2. For each environment, identify the integrated components
  3. For each component, identify the version.

I look forward to you suggestions



What kind of technologies are you using in your test environments?

One of the ways to do is to move this to Collaboration Space… And since you mentioned excel I ‘assume’ you would be having SharePoint, so possibly build something there which keeps components and the environment where they are available, scale up with certificates repository and test data management…
We use something that is built internally for the purposes… It can be built something like the image


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your interest in helping me out on this. I’m not sure why the technologies in the environments would matter in getting a tool to display the versions of the components in the environments.

Hi Goke. What’s the limitation you’ve encountered with spreadsheet for this purpose? I’m asking out of interest, I’d like to compare with my experience.

An alternative I use is Visio: Get the architecture diagram & plot the versions etc against each box, including data sources. I replicate as needed e.g. per instance, per Region, etc.