TypeScript valuable in a testing framework?

Do you think there is value in implementing TypeScript into an existing Node testing framework? Or is the value of TypeScript more for developers preventing typing bugs in the first place, rather than testing for the bugs specifically?

It wouldn’t hurt eliminating sources of bugs is beneficial. Other concerns would be if there is time to incorporate typescript and the people working with it are ok with adding it in.

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I think the typescript benefit is the same for automation as it is for dev. TypeScript keeps you from using the wrong types and in so doing, can prevent bugs. That being said, if the team has not already started to migrate to typescript, I would want to know the justification for the introduction of this new layer of complexity to your automation framework. Just like how adding another dependency can help things, it also complicates things. You can have things like types clashing because in one area of your project you are using Mocha and in another you are using Jest. I work on a team that started to migrate the dev code to typescript and then decided to also migrate test code. That seems like a good use case for when to make the switch. Not the only one, but an example.